Fingerprint Sensor Module

Jupiter 01

Product Introduction

NeuBio Jupiter 01 is a patented and high performance fingerprint sensor module, featuring with 500 dpi high resolution and supports ISO-19794-2, ISO-19794-4 and ANSI-378 formats. NeuBio Jupiter 01 is credited as the most compact optical fingepring sensor module on the market and incorporates surface scratch free optical sensor. It is supported by powerful SDK with exceptionally low error rate and quick verification speed which pushes the performance to the whole next degree.


Sensor Type: Optical Sensor
Resolution: 500 dpi
Active Sensing Area: 14 mm x 18 mm
Interface: USB
Image Size: 252 x 330 ppi
Identification Time: < 1 sec
Enrollment Time: < 1 sec
Verification Time: < 1 sec
Image Format: ISO-19794-4; ANSI-378
Template Format: ISO-19794-2; ANSI-378


PC/Network Security
Time and Attendance System
Public Application
Health and Medical


  • The most compact fingerprint optical sensor on the market
  • Scratch free and solid surface
  • Patented 500 dpi high resolution fingerprint sensor module
  • High volume manufacturing design
  • SDK features with powerful algorithm to perform the lowest FAR and FRR rate
  • Support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Systems
  • Support ISO-19794-2, ISO-19794-4 and ANSI-378 format